• Kamalaxmi (lotus seed) has a grounding quality.
  • The lotus seed assumes a rich, dark hue after a period of wear.
  • The beads are natural seeds and vary slightly in size.
  • Beginners may find this mala difficult for mantra practice due to the large size of beads.
  • Size 7, 8 & 9mm are good to start with depending on the size and nimbleness of your fingers.

Ordering information

  • The 54+1 bead mala is the same length as a 'normal mala' and hangs to the centre of the chest.
  • These malas are knotted with cotton (Brahmagranti).
  • All wrist malas are knotted with polyester thread.
  • All tassels are made of cotton.
  • See options and colour choices below.
  • See Choosing a mala page for more details.

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Kamalaxmi, Lotus Seeds 10x15mm

  • €30.00

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