Care & maintenance

Assembly hints

  1. Screw the narrow part of the aerial into the candle holder or yantra clip.
  2. Screw the wide part of the aerial into the base.
  3. Insert a standard width non-drip candle (bee's wax is great) or tea light candle. It may be necessary to shape the candle to fit securely, but search for candles that are the correct width to fit in easily (22mm diameter). If the candle is wider than the hole and needs to be cut or tapered to fit the holder, wax is much more likely to drip onto the floor and base of the stand.
  4. When adjusting the height, one hand holds the base or bottom of the aerial, whilst the other moves the candle holder up and down.
  5. Once at the desired height, light the candle.
  6. After the practice, it is best to allow the wax to cool before moving the stand.
  7. Dismantle in reverse order, or store with the aerial compressed.
  8. Always dismantle stand during travel to prevent damage.
  9. The travel/storage bag is recommended as it protects parts and keeps everything together.

Removing Wax

The easiest way to remove wax is with boiling water, over a sink or outside. Carefully pour water onto the stand and wipe off wax with paper towels. Then allow to dry thoroughly or else unprotected parts may rust.

Warning: obviously the metal gets very hot, a towel or oven glove can be useful to hold parts whilst removing the wax.

Do not: remove wax with a knife as this is likely to damage surface paint.