Care & restringing

Care of mala

The mala that you use for daily mantra japa should not be seen by others, so it is best kept wrapped in cloth or in a small bag when not in use. Treat the mala as something sacred.

Malas worn around the neck or wrist provide a mala to use in public, or at times when you're without your japa mala. They are a kind of spiritual jewellery, reminding you of your chosen path.

"Just as the ideas of courts, cases, documents and clients get associated with your mind when you see or think of a lawyer, just as the ideas of dispensary, patients, drugs, chemicals, diseases and hospitals get associated when you see or think of a doctor, so also the ideas of Sanctity, Purity, Divinity, Divine Glory, Divine Splendour, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power, Divine Love, Omnipotence, and all such Divine attributes get associated with the mind when you see or think of a mala."

- Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Cleansing a mala

If you have a Guru, they may charge/cleanse your mala. You can also wash the mala in a stream or river of vibrant water, a container of 'holy' water, water with tulsi leaves etc.

Simply using the mala regularly will also keep the vibration high.

Oiling a mala

Certain malas benefit from oiling, such as rudraksha or lotus. If your beads dry out (due to being in water), then pour a little oil on your hands, rub your hands together and then rub the beads, taking care not to touch the tassel. Vegetable oil is fine unless there are ants where you live, then use mustard oil which won't attract insects.


Occasionally malas break in an accident or just due to old age. When this happens, I am very happy to re-string your mala/s and replace missing or broken beads.

Re-stringing a mala is quite time consuming as all the old threads need to be successfully removed first. I check and replace any broken beads (which may cost a little extra) and sometimes need to file down rough edges. If you'd like to be part of the process, you can remove all the thread and send me the loose beads (include a bit of the old thread if you'd like the colour matched).

Ask for a mala to be restrung here.