About Us

In 2001, my passion for yoga and design developed into ‘Inner Eye Yoga Products’.

Inspired by a course at the Bihar School of Yoga in India, and subsequent travel, I returned to Scotland keen to create a trataka stand that was easily adjustable, compact and portable. I settled on a simple, elegant design and produced the first 100 stands myself. Several suppliers and many years later, I'm now happy to provide the Mk5 trataka stand, made in the UK, which is the most refined version to date.

Beautifully crafted Yoga Danda's made from Oak are available (hand-made to order) in two different styles, for separate purposes.

Mala making continues; an instant attraction from the moment I was introduced to the practice. I give workshops for beginners or more experienced groups, to promote mala making as a sadhana.

In 2019, I started a YouTube channel to share some techniques with a wider audience, starting with mala making tutorials. My plan is to also include information on trataka (candle gazing) and using a yoga danda.

I'm a yoga teacher/designer usually based in the Republic of Ireland (EU), but temporarily living in Scotland, UK

Thank you all for your support,

Hari Om Tat Sat.


Sannyasi Sanyamatma (Andrew McNie) BA Hons – 3D Design/Product design