• Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world, prized for its cosmetic and therapeutic values as well as it's incredible natural fragrance. Due to increasing demand and dwindling resources, sandalwood has become a cut throat business. In 2002 the Indian Government banned the cutting of all sandalwood trees, except by the state forest department. Currently, sandalwood is difficult to source and morally questionable as it is still classified as a 'vulnerable' or 'endangered' species. Until the situation improves, I will be using high quality imitation beads.
  • These imitation beads are soaked in sandalwood oil. The scent remains when used for japa, but will fade in time when worn.
  • The beads are carefully machine cut and are evenly sized.
  • Beginners will find this mala perfect for mantra practice.
  • Size 7, 8 & 9mm are good to start with depending on the size and nimbleness of your fingers.

Ordering information

  • These malas are knotted with cotton (Brahmagranti).
  • All wrist malas are knotted with polyester thread.
  • All tassels are made of cotton.
  • See options and colour choices below.
  • See Choosing a mala page for more details.

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Sandalwood 8mm - Imitation

  • €24.00

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