• Red sandalwood is in high demand domestically (in India) and internationally. It is prized for its beauty, acoustic properties, medicinal qualities, for cosmetics and as a dye and colourant in food. In 1997 the Indian government classified it as 'endangered'. Export is banned to protect the species endemic to India. Currently, red sandalwood is difficult to source and morally questionable as it is still classified as a 'near threatened' species. Until the situation improves, I will be using high quality imitation beads.
  • These imitation beads are dyed red.
  • The beads are machine cut, fairly evenly sized an have a smooth polished finish.
  • Red sandalwood is often used in tantric practices, for worshipping the Goddess.
  • It is said to help sublimate destructive tendencies and is useful for people who are very active.
  • Beginners will find this mala good for mantra practice.
  • Size 7, 8 & 9mm are good to start with depending on the size and nimbleness of your fingers.

Ordering information

  • These malas are knotted with cotton (Brahmagranti).

  • All wrist malas are knotted with polyester thread.

  • All tassels are made of cotton.

  • See options and colour choices below.

  • See Choosing a mala page for more details.

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Red Sandalwood 8mm, Polished - Imitation

  • €28.00

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