I am very happy to re-string your mala/s and if necessary replace missing or broken beads.

Re-stringing a mala is quite time consuming as all the old threads need to be successfully removed first. I check and replace any broken beads (which may cost a little extra) and sometimes need to file down rough edges. If you'd like to be part of the process, you can remove all the thread and send me the loose beads (include a bit of the old thread if you'd like the colour matched).

Ordering information

  • Most malas are knotted with cotton.

  • All wrist malas are knotted with polyester thread.

  • All tassels are made of cotton.

  • See options and colour choices below.

  • See Choosing a mala page for more details.

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Mala re-stringing

  • €20.00

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