trataka stands



Buddha practicing trataka


"In order to concentrate on an object, either internal or external, the mind must be
kept under control so that it is not distracted. One way of doing this is by choosing
something as the object of concentration which will make the mind experience peace
and steadiness. For this purpose the mantra Om, a flower, a picture of your Guru, a
Deity, or the flame of a candle can be chosen. The candle flame is the most
convenient and practical object for beginners."


Swami Satyananda Saraswati




Trataka is the practice of steadily gazing at a single point. It is the last shatkarma of hatha yoga, a powerful cleansing practice, which leads to pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), dharana (relaxed concentration) and dhyana (meditation).


Holding the gaze on one point develops concentration, memory and will power. It is a very effective way to clear complexes and phobias and can be used to relieve nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia.


Many objects can be used as the object of focus, but a candle flame leaves a definite after image and is therefore recommended for beginners.


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