Mailing List



Promoting my work in this manner is an experiement . . . The plan is to contact you a few times (2-4) annually, with a special offer or if a new product is available.


1st promotion:

'Extra 10% off' all products up to a maximum of 25% off, till 15th March.

It's currently possible to buy 10x trataka stands and get 25% off!

Usually, you would need to buy 50x trataka stands to receive this discount.



Normal product discounts are listed at the bottom of each ‘view’ page on the website. e.g. ‘view’ japa mala, ‘view’ trataka stands. If there’s no discount listed on the website, then 10% discount applies (Yoga Danda & Meditation Stools, Mala Bags etc.)


If you'd like to order, email me with details and I'll send a PayPal payment request or bank details for a transfer.


This is a genuine offer, which I sincerely hope you'll find beneficial.



With best wishes,

Sannyasi Sanyamatma