japa mala


japa mala


"We are constantly producing frequencies in our environment through our speech,

thought patterns, feelings and emotional expressions, and mantra helps us to

achieve a point of balance in the frequencies we are emitting."


Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati




The main requirement for mantra japa is a mantra, which is a precise sound vibration or collection of sound vibrations. These vibrations have a profound yet subtle affect on every aspect of our being and help to awaken our subtle energy system or chakras. Mantras are not simply intellectually arranged words; they have been 'revealed' to Sages of the past, and passed down from teacher to disciple as a means of self-transformation. The literal translation of mantra is, 'to expand and liberate the mind'; a means to release us from our self-enslaved ways of thinking and acting. A mantra is best received directly from a Guru as part of an initiation, but for those who have not yet had that opportunity, the universally beneficial mantra 'Om' is recommended.


In most cases a mala is required to help keep the mind on the practice. A mala is a string of, usually, 108 beads, with special knots separating each bead known as Brahmagranti, the knot that unites us with the Creator. There is also a 109th bead offset from the others, known as the sumeru (summit), or Guru bead. Malas are available in a wide range of materials, each type having a subtle affect on the practitioner. Although the mala acts as a counting device, it is much more than that, acting as an anchor for the mind and a monitor of your practice.


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